Feedback & comments from CBDelight customers

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Steve Abbotts - Redditch - Koi Strawberry Milkshake 500mg - August 2018

"Probably the best combo I have found to date.. This juice makes the sun shine into my life! Thanks Andy Houghton CBDelight Ltd"

Emma Bentley - Redditch - Harmony Cannabidiol Crystals - May 2018

"Much respect for this little pot of miracles! After suffering debilitating migraines since i was 15 years old, finally after 28 years of crap prescription meds i have found my saviour in these CBD crystals! They have reduced the amount of hours spent in a dark room, feeling sick and not being able to function or speak properly, they have reduced the amount of daily/weekly migraines i suffer and the after effects are much more bearable when using my crystals! I also have noticed a mahoosive change in my sleep...instead of getting 6/7 hours of broken shit sleep im getting 7/8 hours of total deep sleep and WOW what a difference! I for one will never look back! I have to say that ive seen for myself the effects on others using the Harmony range at CBDelight and its truly amazing! 👏👏👌👌"